BrainDocs powering intelligent enterprise

Over the past three years, ai-one engineers have developed reference designs for demonstration, proof of concept and testing using the BrainDocs application. Building on the foundation of BrainDocs, all of the tools in the ai-one Analyst Toolbox are based on the Nathan API, ai-one’s core technology for language applications. The ai-one Analyst Toolbox leverages this core technology using both static and dynamic fingerprint techniques to deliver a set of tools for the analyst working with free text or unstructured data to classify, organize, filter, search and explore in ways not possible with keyword search, natural language processing (NLP), Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) or other statistical/mathematical tools.

Furthermore, the extraction of concepts expressed in documents into a fingerprint graph enables experts with programs such as SPSS, R and Tableau to include unstructured data in their analytics and visualizations, without an expensive IT investment.

Simply put, BrainDocs will make your enterprise smarter and faster.