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The Analyst Toolbox — a Smart Tool for Even Smarter People

The knowledge generation is exponentially growing every minute of every day. Companies all over the world have huge stores of knowledge that should be competitive advantage but instead remain dependent on resident domain experts. The Analyst Toolbox aims to help analysts to liberate that knowledge with an architecture that powers a collective intelligence, driving innovation and growth.

ai-one™ launched the Analyst Toolbox to help medium-sized and enterprise companies deploy a cost-effective solution artificial intelligence (ai) solution that helps them stay competitive when their position depends on research, technology, and maintaining leadership in sophisticated domains.

About The Analyst Toolbox – Powered by BrainDocs

The Analyst Toolbox is powered by BrainDocs, a platform for the training and deployment of intelligent agents to analyze unstructured data to classify, organize, filter, search and explore it in ways not possible with keyword search, natural language processing (NLP), Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) or other statistical/mathematical tools. It enables the analysis of documents and text data at scale accelerating productivity and the exploitation of knowledge otherwise locked in document repositories.

Use our BrainDocs Application in just 3 Simple Steps!

  1. Create Library: Extract the text fields and document paragraphs and create library via API or drag and drop.
  1. Rank & Enrich Data: Create & train agents to score documents and data to generate analyses. Export scores via API or CSV.
  1. Analyze & Publish: Use Business Intelligence dashboard or choose to customize the analysis and publication of your results.
Global Finacial Business Meeting and Planning

Organizational Intelligence

The Analyst Toolbox helps organizations transform their information into interactive data, empowering teams to collaborate and innovate across the globe.

Training And Development

Knowledge Management

The Analyst Toolbox helps organizations increase the speed and reduce the cost of building, organizing, and deploying knowledge management assets and plans.

Mobile Phone Analytics


The Analyst Toolbox helps your team solve challenging problems by organizing your internal data into a format that provides meaningful, actionable insights.

Accounting and taxes

Research Analytics

The Analyst Toolbox helps your team organize your data into an intelligible, logical format — saving you countless hours. Are you ready to easily find the needle in the haystack?

“Hiding within those mounds of data is knowledge that could change the life of a patient, or change the world.”

– Atul Butte, Stanford School of Medicine

Turn Data Into Actionable Insights,
Before Your Competitors Do.

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