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The information age is exploding. BIG data is suddenly everywhere and the rat race is on to collect, analyze, and make money from it. We both celebrate and sometimes fear its powers. Whether we’re predicting the next big flu outbreak or analyzing phone meta data for terrorist threats, data unaccompanied by an explanatory theory is often useless.

As a marketing analyst, scientist, business strategist, or any other profession that deals with data, you deserve a tool like The Analyst Toolbox to deliver a superior, alternative experience in data analytics.

NASA’s Research and Analysis Challenge

NASA was in need of an interactive system that would help them explore the mind boggling complexity of planning for multiple missions over a 30 year horizon. With their scope involving over 300 different technologies and hundreds of interrelated elements and sub elements, NASA engineers desperately needed the ability to perform quicker and more informed technology assessments, feasibility analysis and concept studies. A new system was vital in aligning NASA’s evolving strategic goals and mission objectives.

The Analyst Toolbox Solution for NASA

The Analyst Toolbox platform, powered by ai-one’s BrainDocs application, provided NASA with the capability to automate research and analysis processes through simply training data mining agents to do the work. These data agents parsed and scored otherwise unstructured research against NASA’s technology roadmaps for relevance.

This ability to score proposals with cognitive agents enabled the Advanced Concepts Office to perform statistical analysis within the information based decision framework for strategic investment. Our solution, trained for the NASA domain taxonomy combined with interactive search and discovery, provided the research methodology for sustained growth in space, aerospace, robotics and the technologies driving NASA’s future.

Here’s How We Helped NASA in 4 Simple Steps

We trained The Analyst Toolbox (powered by the BrainDocs application) with a set of terminologies and textual corpora, describing technology readiness levels and advanced degrees of difficulty for state of the art, wireless sensor technologies.
Trained the agents on the initial set of texts describing the current work being performed on wireless sensors for classification with further learning by the data agents on additional documents.
Once trained, the intelligent agents scored the similarity of each paragraph of content in the research corpus while the software provided the ability to categorize and display results pulled from the core data. Paragraphs were evaluated and traced back to their source document for reporting and distribution.
Lastly, the information was also exported to other databases for access by the TAPP application and processed using additional clustering algorithms to identify roadmaps for the specific technologies that needed NASA investment.

“Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine.”

– Peter Sondergaard, Gartner Research

Smart Solutions for Smarter Analysts

Knowledge Management

Our agents score and index enterprise document repositories using taxonomies created from company plans and manuals to automatically speed up deployment. Indexing is end-to-end so every paragraph and attribute can be traced to the document, it’s metadata and the source it came from.

Business Intelligence

The output of our application enables the indexing of topic scores, classifiers and other text analytics with existing structured data driving interactive visualization tools like Tableau.

Research Analytics

Research buried in documents can be repurposed easily as our application finds topics at the paragraph level and provides navigation and extraction, without requiring a review of the entire document – value in both finding unknown knowledge and saving time in navigation.

Organizational Intelligence

Interactive data discovery empowers researchers to customize their sets of agents to their team within an enterprise structure enabling collaboration across the globe and overcoming language issues.

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