Key Areas of Research Analytics

Research Analytics supports both traditional researchers in scientific, medical and technical fields but also includes analysts across a broad spectrum of enterprise and government. Research is predominantly tasked with reading, analyzing and reporting on findings contained in documents, research papers and analyst reports accessed via the web and from repositories, both private and public.

While the success of search technology (Google) has vastly improved the researchers ability to find relevant publications, the challenge of downloading and reading the documents is still a manual process, time consuming and not scalable. The exponential growth in volume and velocity makes this problem worse each day.

Benefits of The Analyst Toolbox

  • Easily find relevant information

  • Take advantage of existing experts works

  • Stimulate cultural change and innovation, and avoid redundant efforts and facilitate the repurposing of research

  • Optimize technology investments

  • Overcome system challenges

  • Increase productivity

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Problems Faced in Research Analytics

A recent study cited enterprise firms in the US have accumulated documents with a value of over $3 trillion. While age of information has brought incredible opportunity to businesses, the problem affecting analysts and researchers is primarily volume and velocity of new findings in every field, making it impossible to read everything published in any one field.

Compounding this are the limitations of research tools limited to simple keyword search and the unreliable tagging and classification of the research by the author or repository. Many ideas and concepts relevant to a researcher are hidden deep in publications hundreds of pages long and often time is wasted reading reports that yield no insight.

Turning Research Analytics into Actionable Insights

The Analyst-Toolbox is the key to turning research and analytics into meaningful data. Like how Google Search works, The Analyst-Toolbox uses cognitive agents to crawl and discover the presence of key concepts in a digital document. Then, The Analyst-Toolbox builds an enriched index of every paragraph, concept, entity, phrase and sentiment using all of your documentation.

The results are visualized in interactive dashboards displaying a variety of analytics resulting in quick prioritization of publications and navigation directly to the paragraphs of interest filtered by author, date, institution, source or location. The data will save your team countless hours, will provide the actionable insights you desire, virtually pain-free.

“Knowledge is power, but has little value unless it can be easily accessed and put into practice.”

-Melany Gallant, Human Capital Strategist

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