Technology with a Purpose

Biological organisms cope with the demands of their environments using solutions quite unlike the traditional human-engineered approaches to problem solving. Biological systems tend to be adaptive, reactive, and distributed. The Analyst-Toolbox powered by ai-one™ is devoted to tackling complex problems using computational methods modeled after design principles encountered in nature.

Our mission is to help analysts, researchers, and engineers absorb exponential increases in the velocity and volume of the information they hold. We work to unlock insight in dark data repositories so our clients can produce better reports and make smarter decisions — the core benefit of biologically-inspired technology.

Our Approach

The Analyst Toolbox provides solutions that are intuitive and simple for business analysts to learn, use, and deploy on everything from small, to enterprise wide projects. Our solutions are independent of architecture, programming language, and existing enterprise applications. Working in a transparent and verifiable manner while respecting the user as the ultimate expert.

The Technology

The technology behind our BrainDocs tool is the Nathan API from ai-one Inc. BrainDocs uses the ability of the ai-one™ NathanICE API to discern patterns in the words and associations that are central to the meaning of all or a portion of the texts being analyzed. The Nathan API extracts these keywords and associations to create a proprietary fingerprint array of the concept that can be used to find similar ideas within a corpus of information.

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How it Works


The ai-one Nathan API technology gives BrainDocs the capability to collect, sort, and analyze any form of unstructured text in the same way as the human brain. Automatically reasoning what information is unnecessary and which is relevant to your area of research through use of keywords and associations.

static fingerprintOnce example texts related to your concept are provided during training, our BrainDocs application for classification and concept search, uses the Nathan technology to create static fingerprints for each document or paragraph. Since documents do not change, a unique fingerprint is created from each document and stored in the database.

The Nathan API intelligent agents use the fingerprints for trained concepts to find and rank similar concepts within a wealth of information in millions of documents, websites and databases. They then return paragraph-level results sorted by “similarity” to your concept. The resulting analysis provides support for a variety of workflows in enterprise compliance, classification, knowledge management, and business intelligence.

“Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves.”

– Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web