Key Areas of Organizational Intelligence

Organizational Intelligence (OI) is the process of an organization mobilizing its intellectual resources to accomplish specific tasks. Organizational Intelligence (OI) is also a process in which members of the organization learn and adapt new behavior, thus, with the goal of optimizing decisions and workflows. The ultimate goal of Organizational Intelligence (OI) could be to help an organization grow, to become more efficient at processing tasks, to optimize specific activities performed by people in the organization, and more.

The Analyst Toolbox  helps organizations perceive, interpret, and select the most appropriate response to the environment in order to advance its goals, based on Organizational Intelligence (OI) principles and techniques.

OI Data Acquisition and Transformation

  • Facilitate decision-making capabilities

  • Improve priorities and resource allocation

  • Stimulate cultural change and innovation

  • Improve project management

  • Get immediate answers to business questions

  • Gain insight into customer behavior

  • Enhance operational corrective action programs

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Problems faced with Organizational Intelligence (OI) Analysis

Organizational Intelligence (OI) has four main challenges: uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity, and equivalency. An organization may be uncertain about making a decision based on a lack of information to work with, the complexity of the decision without the framework to understand the information, or the unequal weight among the stakeholders who are involved in the decision.

While you cannot mitigate factors outside of your control, you can improve the decisions you make by using more complete and tangible information  — that’s where The Analyst Toolbox comes into play.

Solving Data Challenges At The Speed of Business

The Analyst-Toolbox is a purpose-built tool with the goal of helping analysts and other users to capitalize in Organizational Intelligence (OI) practices and frameworks. Specifically, The Analyst-Toolbox helps end-users increase their control and competence of the data. This leads to an improved collaboration and cultivation of intelligent solutions to big organizational challenges.

Powered by BrainDocs, The Analyst-Toolbox can  help users search, find, analyze, and visualize the ideas hidden in documents and databases to drive continuous learning and innovations.  The Analyst-Toolbox will save you time, money, and will make your team look like heroes.

“Knowledge is power, but has little value unless it can be easily accessed and put into practice.”

– Melany Gallant, Human Capital Strategist

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