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IoT, Smart Systems, Competitive Intelligence and Digital Transformation

Earl Harvey, our resident Competitive Intelligence guru, sent over a brilliant article from Harbor Research (Smart Systems and IoT Growth Themes and Technology Trends to Watch in 2018), our neighbor here in Boulder CO. As an AI vendor, we’ve touched on IoT and Condition Based Maintenance issues before. Our role in the project was to integrate unstructured [...]

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Good Concept Detection Requires an “Almost Engine”

How many geese in this picture? You didn't need to count. Your answer probably contained the words “approximately”, “average”, “almost”, “sort of”, "guesstimate" or “about”.  One of the most powerful features of your brain is that it does not treat language as math, a series of binary yes or no formal constructs.  Humans are masters of writing the [...]

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Buzzword Overkill – AI is Not a Thing People, it’s a Discipline

AI, artificial intelligence, has been through several boom and bust cycles. Today the pronouncements are everywhere with AI coming soon to everything from medicine to your underwear. For those of us working through “the AI winter”, it feels good to be the most popular kid on the block. Remember though, what management promises, we [...]

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Welcome to the New Analyst Toolbox

We're very excited to debut the new Analyst Toolbox website! This was a collaborative project thanks to SDRIC's Jeff Nagle with leadership from SDSU's Bernard Schroeder at the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center. Thanks everyone on the team: Gabrielle Brambila - graphic designer at SDSU Oshin Mundada - computer programmer at SDSU Sanam Mostashari - business [...]

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What do we mean by concepts in eDiscovery?

Since we claim to deliver an agent you can teach to find concepts in eDiscovery and compliance, I thought I better check the definition of the term “concept” to make sure we are using it correctly. While I didn’t expect this to lead me all the way back to Philosophy 101 with references to [...]

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Marketing Analytics with Tableau Visualizations from KDD Analytics

If your 2014 responsibilities include sales, marketing or customer service, you should get KDD Analytics (KDD). They provide expertise in predictive analytics and Tableau visualizations, dashboards and data discovery. KDD, www.kddanalytics.com, specializes in quantitative marketing analytics: B2B, B2C and B2D analysis of marketing and sales database information. KDD has been partnering with ai-one to refine [...]

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The Power of Context

Robert Scoble and Shel Israel’s latest book, Age of Context, is a survey of the contributions across the globe to the forces influencing technology and our lives today. The five forces are mobile, social media, data, sensors and location. Scoble calls these the five forces of context and harnessed, they are the future of computing. [...]

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BrainBrowser Improves Contextual Social Selling

Given the need for more effective content marketing and better quality lead generation, why aren’t the tools better? Certainly there are lots of applications, SaaS products and services available for all parts of the marketing and sales process. With BrainBrowser we provide a tool that can understand the content from marketing and match it to [...]

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