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Why choose BrainDocs?

The analyst toolbox was developed by analytic experts for businesses looking to effectively connect people with the data they need to drive smarter and faster results. Our greatest tool is BrainDocs which can scan through millions of documents, databases and websites to retrieve the data that directly relates to your work. BrainDocs uses artificial intelligent agents to analyze unstructured data.

The agents can classify, organize, filter, and make that data searchable in ways not otherwise possible with keyword search, natural language processing (NLP), Latent semantic indexing (LSI) or other statistical and mathematical tools.

BrainDocs is the only solution that can be run by business users, eliminating the need for data scientists or programmers. Use our tool to augment productivity in research, marketing, knowledge management, strategic planning, compliance and portfolio analytics.

Our artificial intelligent agents have been built to provide you with fast and scalable solutions in competitive analysis, aerospace, finance and manufacturing quality reporting.

Features Benefits
Concept discovery Finds ideas and concepts in legal documents
Detects keyword patterns Learns what matters the most
Text Mining Finds information where keywords fail
Relationship Identification Discovers connections between ideas
Artificial Intelligent Agents Integrate contextual results with existing systems
Autonomic Learning Intelligent Agents adapt and learn without programming
Implementation by domain experts Minimal user training
Fast and scalable solution Start with small project then expand application to the data warehouse
API workflow available Can integrate with existing software tools
Does not rely on word count, NLP or LSA Understands concepts written in multiple ways
Language Independent Technology Tool can interpret and work with any language
Classification Easily categorize documents and database text fields for reports and distribution

“Hiding within those mounds of data is knowledge that could change the life of a patient, or change the word.”

– Atul Butte, Stanford School of Medicine

Global Finacial Business Meeting and Planning

Organizational Intelligence

The Analyst-Toolbox helps organizations transform their information into interactive data, empowering teams to collaborate and innovate across the globe.

Training And Development

Knowledge Management

The Analyst Toolbox helps organizations increase the speed and reduce the cost of building, organizing, and deploying knowledge management assets and plans.

Mobile Phone Analytics


The Analyst-Toolbox helps your team solve challenging problems by organizing your internal data into a format that provides meaningful, actionable insights.

Accounting and taxes

Research Analytics

The Analyst-Toolbox helps your team organize your data into an intelligible, logical format — saving you countless hours. Are you ready to easily find the needle in the haystack?