Good Concept Detection Requires an “Almost Engine”

How many geese in this picture? You didn't need to count. Your answer probably contained the words “approximately”, “average”, “almost”, “sort of”, "guesstimate" or “about”.  One of the most powerful features of your brain is that it does not treat language as math, a series of binary yes or no formal constructs.  Humans are masters of writing the same [...]

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Welcome to the New Analyst Toolbox

We're very excited to debut the new Analyst Toolbox website! This was a collaborative project thanks to SDRIC's Jeff Nagle with leadership from SDSU's Bernard Schroeder at the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center. Thanks everyone on the team: Gabrielle Brambila - graphic designer at SDSU Oshin Mundada - computer programmer at SDSU Sanam Mostashari - business student [...]

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DIUx Knowledge Management Concept

ISC Consulting Group, our partner for government business, submitted a great white paper for approval under the DIUx program. The new “Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx) serves as a bridge between those in the U.S. military executing on some of our nation’s toughest security challenges and companies operating at the cutting edge of technology.” Built [...]

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Cognitive Manufacturing- Don’t Make It Harder Just Because You’re Using AI

IBM’s Christine Gonzalez-Wertz’s (@hermione1) just published article in Medium on #CogMfg is the first of a set of posts on something IBM calls Cognitive Manufacturing. While not as compelling as “Smarter Planet” or “OutThink”, IBM is very good evangelizing new technology driven trends when they’ve matured enough to be considered seriously by top management in [...]

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