Hi and thanks for finding us. Kurt, Marissa, Olin and I have been working on this for awhile now and are excited to share what we’re building.

Clearly a marketing guy (to remain anonymous for now) wrote the headline for this first post with an “in your face” claim and some keywords for the search engines.

By now you’ve also noticed from our site that it’s both new and we have no marketing budget. If you’re looking for nice graphics, animations and slick copy, sorry not happening. Also not here will be technical papers for the scientists and algorithm junkies. We’ll be adding content continuously so please check back frequently.

We are focused on the development and application of personal intelligent agents (software) for lawyers, compliance and finance professionals dealing with the tsunami of documents in compliance and eDiscovery. This is not IBM’s Watson, HAL or another solution that “knows” the answers and magically finds the relevant documents.

Our assumption is that you are the expert and need to be able to train your own army of software agents to “read” your documents and deliver the paragraphs you’re looking for. You control them, you train them, you decide whether they’re right or wrong and you decide how to make the best use of them.

We have the core of this solution working now and can demo it today (warning, the UI is as polished as our website). We will be building and testing and building some more over the next few months. Following lean start up and customer discovery principles, we are engaging with early adopter professionals, firms and industry vendors to refine our product-market fit for a launch date in December.

Our goal is not to be good but to be WOW. We’ve got our own secret sauce but we believe you know better than we do what you need. I hope to talk with you soon.