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CMO CSOs, do you know your Opportunity Spend?

As the planning effort for 2015 kicks into gear, CMO and CSOs are under pressure to deliver growth in existing lines of business without big increases in spending. If you’re sales organization and campaigns have been delivering for several years, it’s time for a checkup and analytics can help. With the launch of ZIP Pointe©, [...]

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Machine Intelligence Landscape and ai-one

In the sensationally titled Forbes post, Tech 2015: Deep Learning And Machine Intelligence Will Eat The World, author Anthony Wing Kosner surveys the impact of deep learning technology in 2015. This is nothing new for those in the field of AI. His post reflects the recent increase in coverage artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and companies [...]

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Taxonomy of Ideas – (re)Searching the Unknown Unknown

Since we began the process of building applications using our AI engine, we have been focused on working with ideas or concepts. With BrainDocs we built intelligent agents to find and score similarity for ideas in paragraphs, but still fell short of the vision we have for our solution. Missing was an intuitive and visual [...]

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Introduction to HSDS vs ANN in Text Applications

ai-one’s Learning Algorithm: Biologically Inspired Neural Network – Introduction to HSDS vs ANN in Text Applications Unlike any of the traditional neural nets, the neural network based on ai-one, the HoloSemantic Data Space neural network (invented by Manfred Hoffleisch) or in short “HSDS”, are massively connected, asymmetrical graphs which are stimulated by binary spikes. HSDS [...]

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What Happens When CI Meets AI and BI?

ai-one inc and KDD Analytics put their artificial intelligence and business intelligence expertise to work for competitive analysts. After collaboration on projects from aerospace research to marketing surveys, the companies are pleased to announce a new service for C-Suite executives and analysts. Day in the Life of a Financial Competitive Analyst “It’s 10:00 PM, the [...]

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Great Infographic – the State of Artificial Intelligence

As you know, Artificial intelligence, or AI, has been a part of our world at ai-one for more than a decade. While you couldn’t find much about AI back then, it’s a hot subject now. Max Wegner’s post and great graphics provide some much needed perspective on the AI industry. The headline isn’t about evil [...]

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DIUx Knowledge Management Concept

ISC Consulting Group, our partner for government business, submitted a great white paper for approval under the DIUx program. The new “Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx) serves as a bridge between those in the U.S. military executing on some of our nation’s toughest security challenges and companies operating at the cutting edge of technology.” Built [...]

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Cognitive Manufacturing- Don’t Make It Harder Just Because You’re Using AI

IBM’s Christine Gonzalez-Wertz’s (@hermione1) just published article in Medium on #CogMfg is the first of a set of posts on something IBM calls Cognitive Manufacturing. While not as compelling as “Smarter Planet” or “OutThink”, IBM is very good evangelizing new technology driven trends when they’ve matured enough to be considered seriously by top management in [...]

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