AI Laptop Image from appcessoriesAs you know, Artificial intelligence, or AI, has been a part of our world at ai-one for more than a decade. While you couldn’t find much about AI back then, it’s a hot subject now. Max Wegner’s post and great graphics provide some much needed perspective on the AI industry.

The headline isn’t about evil robots scheming to take over the planet and destroy humanity — but it is finding its way into almost everything. Of course Alexa, Cortana, and Siri but AI is now in learning thermostats, smart homes, self-driving cars, products that work via gesture control, facial recognition software, and other software and devices that are able to learn because they are context and content aware.

In fact, AI is a significant and growing sector of the technology industry; billions of dollars are invested in new AI developments, and companies around the world are working on new AI applications as you read this. And while most AI companies have been in existence for less than a decade (the average age is around four or five years), the tech behind AI is evolving, and the role of AI in our lives in the coming years is all but certain to grow.

What does the current state of AI look like? What are the categories, where is the money, and where are the companies? To answer these questions, Max Wegner and our friends at have designed this “State of Artificial Intelligence Infographic”. Spend some time looking through it, paying close attention to the direction of the numbers, and we think you’ll have a pretty clear idea of why AI may live up to its promise this time.

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